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Gold Coast Motorbike Learners Courses

Here at the Australian Motorcycle Academy we pride ourselves on our ability to train riders to the standards we believe will make you a confident and safe rider, allowing you to enjoy your riding experience.

Australian Motorcycle Academy’s Guarantee to our new learner students

  • We will guarantee to you on completion of your training you will have the skills to ride a motorcycle confidently.
  • You will be taught to ride in our safe and secure training area and when confident we will also train you on road.

All the instructors at the AMA QRIDE are motorcycle enthusiasts and are passionate about their craft and passing on the information and skills that make the difference between being a rider and a good rider.

All equipment can be supplied (Helmet, Jacket, Gloves and Motorbike) or you can use your own if you desire.

Motorcycle 2 Day Pre Learners

  • The Pre-Learner course is for people who want to gain their motorcycle learners licence in Queensland
  • To be eligible for this course you are required to have held your provisional or car licence for at least 1 year
  • The Pre-Learner course was created to better prepare learner riders by enabling them to gain basic riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills in a safe environment before riding on-road
  • During the course you will cover and demonstrate many training competencies, including: the basics of operating a motorcycle, road-craft tactics, riding curves, slow riding, steering, braking, judgement and giving way, riding strategies and a simulated road ride

Nice balance on the slow ride

  • AMA QRides friendly and patient instructor’s will continue to correct and develop your riding technique on our training ranges throughout the course
  • Students must complete day 1 and day 2. Please note that you have 30 days to complete both days once you have started the Pre-Learner course
  • Once you have successfully completed both days of the Pre-Learner course and are deemed competent, you will be eligible to apply for your Motorcycle Learners Licence by completing the Motorcycle Knowledge Test
  • Customers can sit the test online (Motorcycle Knowledge Test) or, in person at the Department of Transport
  • Riders are required to hold a Motorcycle Learners Permit for a minimum of 3 months before being eligible to upgrade to a Restricted Motorcycle Licence (RE O)

Pre-Learner Course (Motorcycle Learners Licence)

  • $440.00 inclusive
  • motorcycle gear food and drinks provided

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  1. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    My name is Bego and I’m interested in getting a motorcycle license. I’d like to know how much the 2 day Pre Learners Course is (weekdays) and how I would go about receiving additional training after those two days because I don’t have someone to drive with after passing the course/exam.

    Plase msg me back via email – begokrkic@gmail.com

    Thank you

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