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Motorcycle Learners to RE Open P1 P2

To complete the QRIDE 1 Day “RE” Assessment, you must have held an RE learner licence for at least 3 months (at least 1 year if you got an exemption from the pre-learner course) and successfully complete the Q-Ride restricted (RE) course. Spend the morning training & being assessed, have some lunch, and then enjoy an “on-road” run combining both suburban & country roads. …click here for more

Motorcycle Upgrade RE to R Class Unrestricted

q-ride-gold-coastThe Open Motorbike Licence (R) course is a mandatory 1/2-day QRide competency-based training and assessment program. Students need to complete the Open Motorcycle Licence course to be eligible to upgrade from a Restricted licence (RE O) to an Unrestricted Motorbike Licence (R).

  • The Open (unrestricted) QRide licence course is for people who want to obtain their open motorbike licence
  • To be eligible for this course you are required to have held your Restricted (RE O) licence for 2 years, unless you obtained your RE O licence prior to October 1st, 2016, in which case you are required to have held it for 1 year
  • This course is suitable for riders who have significant on-road riding experience and can confidently ride a bike
  • A 3.5-hour competency-based training and assessment course designed to reinforce and further develop your riding knowledge, cognitive skills and risk management strategies
  • Our professional instructor’s will correct and develop your riding technique throughout the course
  1. QRide Exercises:

You will complete a simulated road ride where you will need to demonstrate a range of skills and habits

  • Roundabouts – turn at a low speed with control
  • Slow Ride – control the bike at a slow walking pace
  • Swerve – avoid an obstacle in a corner
  • Stop to a point – stop quickly and smoothly with full control
  1. Road Ride
  • You will complete a 2-hour road ride where you will show that you are competent in the aspects of managing routine and more complex riding situations on a more powerful motorcycle, behaviours or risk management
  • Once you have successfully completed the course and are deemed competent your competency declaration will be processed online and you will be able to apply for your Unrestricted (R) licence online or, you can apply in person at the Department of Transport

Nice balance on the slow ride

 Qride Refresher Rider Course

Motorcycle Refresher Course

At AMA we understand that many people already have their licence but may not have ridden for many years (42 years is our record!).

For these riders, we have a simple refresher course to get you up to date with all the relevant changes and provide a little training, so you have the confidence and skills to smoothly jump back on the saddle.

For licenced riders wanting a refresher course or lesson:

Australian Motorcycle Academy:

  • Conduct 3 or 6-hour ride courses all in one day 7.30am till 2.30pm
  • One-on-one training is also available of course
  • We supply all your motorcycles and safety gear (Helmets, Jackets and Gloves)

We even supply your food and drinks for your training day

With professional, qualified and friendly instructors taking you through your paces, you’ll be confidently and happily riding in no time.

All Equipment Supplied

All equipment can be supplied (Helmet, Jacket, Gloves and Motorbike) or you can use your own if you desire.

  • Licence
  • Long pants
  • Covered shoes

2 Day Qride Course

To complete the QRIDE 2 Days “RE” Training & Assessment you must hold an “RE” Motorbike Learner’s Licence and complete the training as well as the assessments. Day 1 is training, Day 2 is spent training & being assessed, and an “on-road” run combining both suburban & country roads. …click for more

Scooter Licence

Scooters are a great way of getting around, offering you a sense of freedom. Scooters are economical and cheap to run …click here for more

Accompanied Rides Programme

As a Learner in Queensland, you need to be accompanied by a fully-licenced rider – easier said than done! Why not use our Accompanied Ride Programme to not only be able to ride on the road, but also benefit from on the spot coaching, roadcraft methods and techniques that will equip you with the Skills & Strategies required to operate a motorcycle safely on the road.

Includes Bikes and Gear

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  1. Just enquiring about the ‘2 Day Qrides Course’ as the link is not working and will not show costs & info. Thankyou!

  2. Hi
    I haven’t ridden for over 22 years , although I have my license but not at all confident
    Is there a course you recommend for me
    Many thanks

  3. Hi I just wanted to know what time the learners to RE course starts and finishes? And will I be able to ride my bike home on my own afterwards?

  4. Hi guys!
    I’m not riding a gear motorcycle for 20 years. Can I do just one hour of the refresher course or the minimum is 3 hours?


  5. Hi there,

    How much do you charge for the learner licence two day course and do you have availability this coming weekend?

    Tala ????

  6. Hi all
    I’m interested in a refresher course that you have to offer it’s been over 25 year’s since I rode a motorcycle… Can you help please.. Asap ????????

  7. Nick is a pretty awesome trainer! Did my RE today and he made it relaxing and a great learning environment. Great course. Great trainer. Great result. Thanks Nick! 5Stars!

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