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What is Q-Ride?

Q-Ride is a competency-based training and assessment program that aims to ensure participants reach a demonstrated level of skill and proficiency as a motorbike rider.

Basically, you train with us until our Q-Ride accredited instructors certify that you’re competent under the Q-Ride criteria.

You then take your Q-Ride certificate to Queensland Transport and they’ll give you your relevant motorbike licence.

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  • Linda L.

    I went to AMA to learn how to ride a motorbike and quickly noticed I was learning from experienced riders. With a strong emphasis on safety, and rider protection, I felt comfortable learning from a team who practiced what they preached.
    Prior to my training I had zero experience on a motorbike and the team was able to take me to a level of riding that was going to keep me safe on the road by building my confidence and awareness.
    The guys at AMA are very friendly and are always willing to help anyone, regardless of age, sex or race.
    Although they do focus on Q-ride training, they combine off-road training for the basics and add on-road training to solidify what you have learned. They never do anything a learner is not comfortable doing and, likewise, they don't allow learners to do things they are not capable of doing.
    I would not hesitate to recommend AMA to anyone who wants to learn how to ride a motorbike or anyone who needs to polish their skills.
    Special mention goes to Nick for showing me how to kick start a bike and how to add more finesse to my braking, I'm sure this will come in handy 😉
    Not only will I do my R license course through AMA, I hope to get back there after riding for a while to fine tune my skills.

  • Brenden B.

    Staff are very professional and friendly! Bikes are in great condition! And the food is amazing!
    Overall a great experience and would definitely recommend anyone of any skill level to learn through AMA! Thanks for a great day.

  • Matt T.

    Awesome experience, I would like to thank AMA again for our experiences yesterday, it was a fun day that we are still talking about. Besides that we scored a licence out of it. Thanks.
    We will happily recommend to everyone who is seeking a license.

  • Ivana C.

    Awesome and amazing experience. Wonderful staff from the minute you walk through the door; to all the experienced trainers. Such passion in training, teaching us to be safe, competent riders. You guys are the best!

  • Gareth V

    Great place to learn to ride and improve you riding. So happy I did this course. Every rider should do it you learn so much. The team of instructors are all really cool and chilled, they are patient and know how to train extremely well. I highly recommend this company to anyone thinking about doing the Q ride course. Its great fun and will give you the skills needed to become a safe and better rider. Defiantly worth giving these guys a try.

  • Jade S.

    After not riding for 18 months I decided to get my license - I rang and spoke to Conrad (the manager) who told me to come on down early and he'd make sure there was someone there to take me out first to get my confidence, trainer Chris took me out quickly and showed me the ropes again and instilled my confidence back in me. They could've easily turned to me and said over the phone to do a 2 day course, and made double the money off me but they knew that once you have some confidence back, that the test is just common sense - that's what customer service is all about - bunch of champions!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  • Jasmine T

    I would highly recommend the team at AMA to anyone, you won't regret it.
    These guys are very knowledgeable, friendly, and encouraging. The way they explained the processes for riding safely helped me understand and feel safe getting back on the road.
    My experience at another school left me with little confidence as a new rider, Conrad and his team helped me re-gain my confidence. Now I can't wait to get out on the road again. I had an absolute ball. Thanks guys!

  • Myles S.

    Had not rode a bike for the last 20 years but had the learners, contacted Conrad and discussed options. Decided to do a refresher and then the RE. Over the two days I learnt heaps and brushed up on necessary skills.
    Conrad and Nic were excellent in the way they treated you and passing off the experience you required to be safe.Thank you all for the enjoyable and friendly manner that made this easier for me. Great work.

  • J.K

    Couldn't be happier with these guys! Even though I had ridden as a kid I still picked up a lot of skills even after one day with Conrad. If you even take one thing away from the day it is well worth doing! Don't waste your time with a lot of others out there, these guys will give you a great day on bikes and get you competent and out there in no time.

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