General Q Ride Information

Q-Ride training and assessment is based on competency standards as outlined by Queensland Transport.

You will be trained and assessed in accordance with the documented training program and documented assessment process for Q-Ride training and assessment as approved by Queensland Transport.

Q-Ride competency standards help to ensure that every learner receives the same level of assessment.

This is fairer for the learner and safer for every road user, since the same level of competence must be reached by each learner undertaking Q-Ride training.

  1. You are assessed for Q-Ride competency while you are being trained,
  2. Waiting periods may be waived with the Q-Ride System.

Qualified Staff Cater For All Experiences

Our qualified staff are trained to cater for all levels of experience in a rider.

From beginner to the more experienced rider, we develop courses to enhance participants with particular skills, knowledge and safety.

All this is done in accordance with the current road rules. On completion of the course you will be issued with a Q-Ride certificate. This is not a licence. You then take this to Queensland Transport to be endorsed on your licence.

This endorsement is done for no extra charge by Queensland Transport.


Over RE LAMS licensing motorbike training – if you wish to obtain a class R motorbike (unrestricted) licence, you must have held a class RE provisional or open licence for at least one year.

Beginner Rider Course

This course would be suited to the little to no experience rider. Learn the essential safe operations of a motorcycle with ample time for open discussions.

Time will be spend on skills videos and also hands on instruction and fun! All of this in a low stress setting that assist in creating a confident and capable rider.

Getting Your Learner’s Licence

It’s easy to get your motorcycle learner licence:

Full details here
Practice the questions here

Training Times;

6 days a week. Contact us for times to suit you!

What we supply;

What you need to bring

You must carry the appropriate licence/learner’s licence at all times.

The correct clothing must be worn including a trousers, fully enclosed shoes or boots.

Courses and Fees

* A $50 deposit is required on confirmation of booking

5 thoughts on “General Q Ride Information

  1. I am booking this course for my son.
    I will be paying for the course.
    He can ride “basically “.

    I have old classic bikes and have copurchased an old Royal Enfield with Chad who would like to ride it on club days.
    Hence the license requirement

  2. Hi i have my RE L i have it since 2002 just wanting to get my open bike license what corse will i have to do and how much thanks.

  3. For the 2 day training/assessment for L to RE O can it be done over a weekend or are Sunday’s a no go?

  4. Hello, can you please let me know how much it is to do the half day R Licence with my own bike. Thank you

  5. Hi there,

    I just wanted to inquire about what days are free to book in for a Learners 2 Day Course?


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