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Motorcycle Instructors

The team at Australian Motorcycle Academy would be delighted to talk with you and answer any questions that you may have in regards to your training and/or licence, so please feel free to call Shona,  Conrad,  Nik and the team on 07 5596 4938.

You’re always welcome to pop in, have a chat and a look at the bikes or just get acquainted with us.  You’ll find us all super friendly and very eager to help.

Shona Cook

Shona - Big Chief

Shona is the Big Chief at AMA QRide and knows everything about getting your licence.

She’s almost always the one who answers the phone and loves chatting with everyone and making sure they get the right training.

Shona also cooks the best toasted sandwiches for students who have suggested she apply for MasterChef (cough).

Conrad - Q-Ride Instructor

Conrad has been here at AMA for over 5 years and loves every minute of it!

He’s a fabulous instructor, takes his job very seriously and is one of the favourites of many students.

He’s a superb rider with great skills and a terrific ability to get his message across.

Conrad from AMA Qride
Nick of AMA Qride

Nik - Q-Ride Instructor

As you can see, Nik is relaxed and cool!

He’s also a great instructor, loves teaching new students and takes a lot of pride in what he does.

Here’s one of many kind things we hear about Nik –  “…… champion trainer that has taught me all of the good things I know!”


More about David coming soon!

Mark - Q-Ride Instructor

More about Mark coming soon!

Contact Us Now For Our Expert Team

Just call us on 07 5596 4938 or use the form below and one of our qualified friendly staff will get back to you with the course information and fees involved.  Easy!

One thought on “The AMA Q Ride Team

  1. I did the one day course recently and I have been meaning to post some feedback. I was very happy with the day and the money spent.
    Nik was an excellent instructor and right from the start of the day at 8am he made everyone feel relaxed and at ease with what was to come. There were obviously different levels of experience among the group, but no one was left out. He made things easy to comprehend, his style of teaching was easy to follow, and most importantly, he instructed us to remain relaxed and not to ‘stress about the testing bit’ which was great advice.
    I have had a few experiences in the past of courses and ‘trainers’ (interstate!) and Q-Ride in general, and Nik in particular, left those for dead! I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of going for their bike license.

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