3 Tips When Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

A novice rider may find the buying process daunting considering there are so many brands, types and styles available in the market.

A helmet’s purpose is not just limited to protecting your head, but also your eyes, skin from dust, debris and smoke.

Regardless of whether you’re a first time buyer fresh from your motorcycle training, or just replacing your existing helmet, the three tips below will make this time consuming task easier and help you make the right decision.

Tip #1 – Style

The style of the helmet plays an important role towards your safety on the bike, and the most common ones seen today are:

  • open face,
  • full face,
  • half and
  • flip front.

We provide full face helmets for use during our motorcycle training, but it’s really a matter of preference.

Flip face helmets are another good option – the chin piece flips up, making it either a full face or open face helmet.

Most cruiser, moped and scooter riders opt for the open face helmets, since they generally travel at low speeds, but this can make things difficult in the rain.

Think about what you want to use your helmet for and work from there.

Tips for buying a motorbike helmet

Tip #2 – Fit and Comfort

Your helmet must have a tight fit, but be able to be pulled off easily.

Most helmets are embedded with comfort padding that automatically contours itself to your scalp over a period of regular use.

Some of the comfort features to look for are vents, noise control, padding and vents.

The comfort is critical – you’ll have the helmet on for hours at a time and it needs to be as comfortable as possible to ensure greatest safety.

Tip #3 – Cost

There are plenty of helmets out there and you can pick them up for fairly reasonable prices – shop around!

I would suggest not buying a second hand helmet, even though it can be cheaper.

If a helmet is dropped it may look fine on the outside, but be compromised on the inside – and if it’s second hand, you’ll never know.

Don’t risk your head!

As we know from the motorcycle training we offer here, it’s all about making your ride safer and getting the right gear is one of the easiest ways to do it!

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