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    1. Hi Michael, you need to complete your learners course and hold this licence for the full 3 months before you can do your assessment to gain your open RE. You can ride on your learners over the 3 months as long as you display your L plate and have an open motorcycle licence rider as a supervisor

      1. ok I just cant make head or tail of this new licensing. So if I pass this test I then need spme one who has a bike license to follow me around for the next 3 mths? Ok niw I have a real issue here as I have no access to another person whom has a bike license, so effectively I cant hit the road for 3 mths and have learnt stuff all except how light my wallet is getting through this unrealistic revenue raising exercise. I had my L’s for. some time then stopped ridding due to habing kids and now due to time elapsed I now have to gi through all this crap even though I have held a car license for over 40yrs. It use to be a bloke could get his Ls if he held a open car license for 1 yr thus enabling you to have a cheap eay ti get to work but now your up for nearly $800 between these courses and reapply after reapply for these diferant licenses come this is wrong.

  1. Hi, I have my own bike but I’m still on my learners; is there any way I could organize an instructor to take me out to the range? I live 10 minutes away from Brookside.

  2. I am still waiting for a credit for $50 paid on credit card 23/3/18 + $150 paid cash 7/4/18 + $200 on credit card 7/4/18
    TOTAL = 400.00

    For a 50cc Scooter Licence I need for a Nursing work Scooter…..
    Shona AMA Q-Ride never had a Scooter when taking my booking and the one they have in storage has a broken clutch…..
    The AMA Q-Ride Motorcycle I was given to learn on fell over on me falling to the ground twice. I had the AMA Q-Ride Motorcycle lying on me on the ground on the left side followed within the hour falling on the ground on me on the right hurting my hand, wrist , hip and leg shin…,, Shona I am so small a Scooter would have been less dangerous to my body so when I was asked to leave the class I believe I will die if I go on the road…, I had never riden a motorcycle before the two hours I was in the class with another experienced motorcycle rider girl before The man Instructor asked me to leave and go back to the portable trailer after he picked up the motorcycle off my body into an upright position on the road …..that was when the Instructor told me about the possibility of the Scooter to be fixed was a 150cc not a 50cc …… I felt like I was going to die so Shona that’s why I believe it best for me to stay off Scooters as well as definitely motorcycles that I should never have been on in the first place as a super larger engine than the 50cc I had my ideals set on for Nursing work…… Shona so can I please have my money Credit Payment back into my credit card for monies I have given in honest good faith I have been given the run around for the last four weeks

  3. Hi there
    Planning to book a couple of lessons
    (3 hours block if I’m not wrong)
    To solely practice all the required exercises expected to complete on Re o test day .
    Could you please tell me what days are the RE O one day courses on?
    It’s just that I need to apply for time off from work.
    Also the 3 hours block are one on one ? I just want to make sure that I do all exercises don’t want to fail….
    Thank you so much for your help.

  4. Hi, are there any details available about starting and finishing times? Lunch? Drinks etc? And address? Total price?
    I’ve booked in for the 2 day pre learners course for next Thursday 23/8.



  5. Hi I’m looking at booking a course to gain my learners been riding dirt bikes for years and still do ride just never got round to getting my motorbike licence … soo would like to book into the the pre learners course cheers I live on the Northside so preferably some where close. Cheers

  6. Can You book 2 spots …I have an open car license from 7yrs and I used ride bike overseas for 15yrs ..
    Do I need learners or can apply for lic straight away

  7. Very nice sales effort but i don’t see what the full price is anywhere? What i give you $50 and find out later the course is $5000? Same rule as in the shops for me. No price…. No buy. So how much is the course?

  8. I have had my Red P car licence for almost a year, and have a 49cc scooter at home. Do i need to get a motorcycle licence to be able to ride this?

  9. Once I have a completed the 2-day Pre-Learner course and have applied and received my Motorcycle Learner’s Licence, am I able to ride a learner approved motorcycle solo, or will I need to ride with an open motorcycle licence rider as a supervisor until I receive my open RE?

  10. Had mark on a pre learner course. Made the course so relaxing and so enjoyable. Will be doing some one on ones with mark

  11. My name is Deon, at the end of March 30th to the 31st I did my pre learner. Am I able to book for my RE(P) for the end of june start of July?

  12. if you don’t know anybody at all with an open license are you able to hire someone like you would with a car

  13. Hey guys!
    I’m keen to do my opens but my license for my ps has expired. Does that matter or can I just get my license renewed when I get my opens?
    Also I’d like to get this test done in one day if that’s possible

  14. Hi
    Was wanting to book for the full open licence (R) on 9 November, if at all possible?
    I did my learners and restricted licence through you guys in 2017. My restricted period concludes on 31 October.

  15. just looking at doing my r licence, as ive had re prior to 2016, and I completed my re with you guys. just wondering on busy you guys are at the moment.

  16. Do you run the course during the week and when is the next one .. I have held my RE L since 2015 and it’s well overdue for me to move to an RE O

  17. Hi I was just wondering if you had a pre learners course available on the Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of March and if so what are the costs so I can please book in?

  18. I want to get my motorbike licence however I don’t have a bike yet. I am planning on getting the safety gear. When doing the 2 day course do I use your bikes.

  19. Good afternoon,

    I have had my RE Learners for 20 years, want to get my license. When can I book in

  20. I was wondering if I have held a open riders licence and my licence was cancelled because of my Nz licence was put on hold due to unpaid fines, can I re sit my open riders license?

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